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Laboratory of Embedded Communication Systems (COMES)

Director: Theodore Antonakopoulos, Professor.

The Laboratory of Embedded Communication Systems (COMES) was formed in 1977, setting as its primary goal to provide education to the students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras, and to develop research activity in the area of telecommunications. More specifically, the target of the COMES Laboratory is to support the Department's Graduate and Postgraduate educational needs, and to develop basic and applied research in the following topics:

  • Data Transmission Systems

  • Data Storage Systems and

  • Hardware Design for Data Transmission and Storage

The Laboratory's original name was "Laboratory of Electrotechnics" (LOE), and it was renamed to "Laboratory of Embedded Communication Systems" (COMES) in December 2019. Professor Vassilios Makios was the Laboratory's Director from 1977 until August 2005.

The COMES Laboratory specializes on providing Research and Development (R&D) and consulting services for organizations and companies of the public and private sector, in Greece and abroad. Its main research activities are on hardware synthesis and design, embedded systems development and communication systems engineering. COMES Lab's multidisciplinary personnel of nine engineers, gained valuable experience through long term collaborations with research centres in Europe and USA. The quality of knowledge desired, was also built on participating in large European research projects (ESPRIT, RACE, LION, MAX, DAMS, ACTS, COBUCO, DISTIMA, PANORAMA etc.), as well as in development programs for the Greek Government and the European industrial sector. COMES Lab's experience on rapid system prototyping of various communication technologies results to short development time from system specifications to fully tested prototypes. Providing state-of-the-art innovative solutions with high quality fully documented results, remains the COMES Lab's main objective.

Research Areas

  • Digital Communications

  • Data Transmission and Coding Algorithms

  • "System-on-Chip" Design for Communication Products

  • Communication Systems and Protocols

  • Real-Time Embedded Systems for Communication and Control

  • Systems for Electronic Intelligence

  • Defense Electronics and Data Fusion Systems

  • Satellite Communications

Technical Background

  • CAD/CAE Systems for Hardware Development

  • FPGAs

  • PCBs Design

  • Microprocessing Systems (8, 16 and 32 bits) (CISC and RISC)

  • CASE Systems Software Development

  • LAN and Communication Protocols Analyzers


Research results are disseminated through extensive publications in international journals and conferences in the above mentioned thematic research areas. Furthermore, COMES undertakes and implements competitive research projects in cooperation with external partners in the above mentioned research fields.

The Laboratory of Embedded Communication Systems (COMES) has a steady collaboration from 2002 until today with the  IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in the research area of Data Storage Systems (Probe Technologies, Memory Technologies, Storage Systems).

COMES has also implemented the project "Systems for Aircraft and Satellite Communications", a program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Greek Ministry of Development - General Secretariat for Research and Technology.


The Laboratory of Embedded Communication Systems (COMES) co-operates with other Universities, research centers and companies on research issues of its interest. Among others, such collaborators are:




Associate Member
of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association


Member of the
Integral Satcom Initiative

Latest Update: Mar. 2023.

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